Combi Mini Portable Lamp

Combi Mini Portable Lamp

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Model/Product no.: KOMBI-MINI

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Category: Accessories


This rechargeable lamp has a "smart" base that works both as an ordinary, free-standing table lamp, and as a "clamp", allowing you to affix the lamp onto furniture and much more. With the flexible "neck" allowing to twist, bend and angle the lamp head in an infinity of positions, this lamp is suitable for any situation where a little extra light would help — even if you are nowhere near a power socket.

The lamp head contains eight integrated light sources of the LED type, which works on very little electrocal power, are resilient against shock, vibrations and low temperatures, and so long-lasting that other parts of the lamp are likely to wear out before the "bulb" burns out.


The lamp is operated using two touch-sensitive "buttons" conveniently located on top of the lamp head: One turns the light on and off, and allows you to dim the light in three levels. The other one activates an "auto off-timer" which automatically turns the light off after an hour


The integrated battery is recharged using a micro USB connector; the same type used to recharge smartphones and similar portable electronics. A charging cable is included, but not a charger; you may use the charger for an Android smartphone, or charge it from an ordinary USB port on a computer, tablet etc.


Ra-indeks >80
Usable Battery Time Approx. 3 hours when fully charged
Light source Integrated LED light sources
Power consumption 5 W
Colour temperature (kelvin) 3800 K
Light dimming Built in