LampPad Mini 4000K

LampPad Mini 4000K

195,00 €

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Model/Product no.: LPAD Mini 4000K - HMI 118746

Portable task lamp in minimalistic design, with a built in rechargeable battery and state-of-the-art LED light sources, which provide the same pleasant, warm light as the old incandescent bulbs. The design allows for positioning of the lamp head in any angle, and when folded down, it fits snugly into a jacket pocket.


The touch sensitive control panel on the lamp base has tactile markings, making it easy to find the on/off switch and the built-in dimming function. The integrated battery is charged using the including ac adapter, or adapters of the same kind used for most smartphones today, and lasts for three hour continuous use at full power when fully charged. Power for the lamp can also be drawn from a USB port on a computer, tablet etc.

Light dimming Built in