Reverse Lighting

Reverse Lighting

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The Reverse Lighting is a lightweight, rechargeable lamp which provides both cool and warm light, depending on which end it's stadning on. Lay it horizontally, and it provides an intermediate mix of the two color temperatures, for an optimal illumination for e.g. reading.

With its modern design, this lamp it suitable for use both at home and when on the go. The built-in light dimmer can be controlled via touch-sentitive controls at both ends of the lamp. At one end, there's also a handle, useful for transportation and for hanging up the lamp whereever it is needed.

Ships with a USB Micro cable for convenient recharging via a USB port on a charger, computer, tablet, or power bank. Fully charged, the battery lasts for anywhere from 4 to 150 hours, depending on the dimmer setting.

Light dimming Built in