LampPad Portable Task Light

LampPad Portable Task Light

295,00 €

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Portable lamp with luxurious light in a futuristic design.

Model/Product no.: Lamppad - HMI 109600

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Ultra-slim portable task light with integrated, rechargeable battery, and a pleasant, warm LED light like that from the old, incandescent bulbs. With a luminous area of 2½ by 11 inch, it's nearly "glare-proof"!


The discrete touch sensitive control panel on the lamp's base allows the user to turn the light on/off, and to dim the light - all the way down to 4 percent of full power. The energy efficient and extremely rugged LED light sources will last about 30,000 hours, corresponding to several decades at average use. You'll never have to change the "bulb" in this lamp!


The lamp provides a luminous flux of 400 lumens at full power, weighs 3.3 punds, and measures 13½ by 9¼ inches, and a mere ⅓ inch in thickness, and ships in an elegant gift box. Recharges through a micro USB connector, compatible with the charging adapter that comes with most smartphones.

Light dimming Built in