Chamaeleon USB Mag Lamp, White

Chamaeleon USB Mag Lamp, White

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Model/Product no.: LV4234-W

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This handy little magnifying lamp provides 1.75× magnification (corresponding to 3 diopters) in a ⌀4.2"/10½ cm glass lens. The lens is surrounded by a ring of LEDs, which conforms to the Chamaeleon Principle: From the control panel on the cable, the light can both be dimmed and set to three different colour temperatures. The LED light provides a number of advantages: Power consumption, even with the lamp set at maximum light output, is less than 10 watts, and as opposed to more traditional light sources, the LEDs never "burn out". For that reason, they're built permanently into the lamp; you'll never need to "change the bulb" in the Chamaeleon USB lamp!


The 24"/60 cm long articulated arm easily allows you to position and angle the lamp head right where you need it. The lamp comes with a space-saving table clamp which fits onto the edga of table tops from 0.1"/0.3cm to 2.2" thickness.


The whole thing is driven from the included USB power supply (compatible with continential European wall outlets), though it also runs off of power banks with a standard USB connector. It is not recommended to run the lamp from power drawn from a USB port on e.g. a computer, as these usually cannot supply the current needed.


The model shown here is in white, but it is also available in black.

Light dimming Built in