Stella Sky TWO Floor Lamp - black

Stella Sky TWO Floor Lamp - black

399,00 €

(incl. VAT)
Model/Product no.: SKY2FB-sort - HMI 116774

Stylish floor lamp, with light that's not just dimmable, but also color temperature adjustable; warm light as from the old incandescent bulbs for a cozy atmosphere, neytral white for reading or viewing pictures, or cool daylight for concentrated work. The control panel detaches and can be used as a remote control, or leave it attached to the stand.


The slender light head uses state-of-the-art LED light sources, which saves power, emits next to no heat, and literally lasts for decades. The head is mounted on a flexible "neck", which allows for free positioning, and the stand is height adjustable from 120cm (4') to 180 cm (6').

Light dimming Built in